The Life I Direly Need


It’s a seed in the ground
Now out of sight
Shall it again be found?

It’s been quite a while
No signs of life regardless of time’s flight
Still I see only a sand pile.

I thought it would be instant
Like two minute noodles
But the goal seems yet distant.

I started to wonder
Will it ever grow
On this and more I did ponder.

But along came this fellow
Whose insight I could borrow
And his advice I did follow.

Nurture, he said
That which was planted
You’ll not be disappointed.

Truly, I did
That which I was bid
And of my frustration, I got rid.

Now the seed has sprouted
Not like it was planted
When at last it is sighted.

It’s a new life, new body
With fruits I can even share with a buddy
Now I also can help somebody.

Let me be the fellow
Whose insight you can borrow
And whose advice you will follow.

The seed is the Word
It can meet every need
Coz it carries the life of God.

If you will nurture
That which is planted
A happy man you shall be come the near future.

Sin and poverty, all gone
A blessing to many you will become
Sweet fellowship with God, spot on.

Man shall not live by bread alone
But by the Word of God alone
Now is your victory, do not postpone.


by Abayomi Ogundiya

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