Introduction of The Ambassador


I am an alien;
Obscure, thoroughly misunderstood;
Subtle but salient;
Bizzare in this neighborhood.

I am an enigma;
Understood only by my own kind;
A captivating stranger;
A revelation of my king’s mind.

I see beyond what meets the eyes
And hear that which does not sound;
My food you cannot bake or fry;
My impetus’ springs are not in this world found.

My life defies human explanations;
In the midst of countless observations.
I do things found in no one’s expectations.
I am demystified only by revelations.

I am irony:
To increase, people love to gather;
But with ease, I’m better when I scatter.

In tough times,
Hopeless, people mourn and cry;
Doubtless, I rejoice, for my victory is always high.

The end of this life many dread,
It’s an evil, they say, hoping to postpone it;
No fear, my days I will fulfil, the end is a glorious transit.

If my language sounds esoteric
And between us there is no sense traffic
But yet you long for insight into this epic
Then I’ll tell you something strategic.

“In” is good, “out” is bad
Of the kingdom of my King and God.
Let not your heart doubt cloud;
It’s the only way, trust me, you’ll be glad.

On planet earth, I am an adventurer,
Here on mission like an avatar
Remotely controlled from heaven’s altar.
My program this world’s virus will never alter.

I am a soldier on mission for my King:
An evidence of his love, like finger in a ring.
Unto you, this message I bring:
Receive the love of my king.

The world calls me Christian.
I am a believer, spiritual and
I am Christ’s Ambassador to this land.
Of his Kingdom and reign, there shall be no end.


by Abayomi Ogundiya

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2 responses to “Poetry”

  1. Olivia Ndubuisi says :

    Iloved that last verse. Loved it


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