Differentiation: First Principle.


You are about to encounter in the following lines and paragraphs what will be, perhaps, the most profound truth you’ve ever known as a believer. It may seem familiar to some people, but you need to ask the Holy Spirit to cause you to see exactly what it is. Don’t be presumptuous.

The first principle in differentiation is an interesting method of finding derivatives of functions. If, however, you are not a lover of mathematics like me, you do not need to be thrown into a state of alarm. I’m not discussing that “first principle” or that “differentiation”. The differentiation I’m discussing here is about distinguishing one thing or person from another. More specifically, a believer from a non-believer. You will discover the most crucial “method” – the first principle – which is fundamental to making it evident that one is a believer and has the life and power of God to one’s advantage. And there needs to be a clear cut between the life and results of a believer and those of non-believers.

Mathematics can be extremely difficult for some people, while it is a pure delight for other people. Many others fall somewhere in between the two ends of the spectrum. Anyone can understand my next statement, maths lover or not – even though maths haters might disagree. Mathematical methods are just a series of operations performed in a stepwise manner to yield results. Very simple! Those who embrace this truth are the ones who do well at maths. In maths, all you need to do is look at the problem and determine the method to apply. For example, solve: 2 + 1 x 3. You know that the first thing to do is the multiplication, 1 x 3 = 3. Then add the result to two, 2 + 3 = 5. Simple. If you, however decide to neglect the rule that says you must multiply before you add then you will have a very big issue, your answer will be 9. Remember, I’m trying to illustrate spiritual truths.

Many people are frustrated in their faith walk because they do not understand simple principles and spiritual operations. Others live in denial, claiming that God is faithful – and he is, don’t get me wrong – while they are extremely confused with no idea of what is going on or how to get results. Others know a few correct things that give them victory every once in a while. But face the fact, the Bible says whatsoever you ask shall be given to you; you are the head and not the tail etc. Can you sincerely say in your experience that this is true? That you have received everything you ever asked for and you have always been on top and all the promises of God are experiences in your life not hopes and beliefs. Very very few believers can boast of this kind of experience, yet it is possible. It is the fail proof way of living a believers life of constant victory that I’m about to share with you.
If the word of God is the sword of the Spirit, then we must learn to use it skillfully to win battles and not to injure ourselves. For instance, the word tells us to pray without ceasing. If that is all you know and you go off and start praying, you might get some results but I guarantee you, you will have difficult times and many unanswered questions. You might even be a witness to this. You must, in addition to knowing that you are to pray without ceasing, also know that there are different types of prayers and what we ought to say in those different kinds prayers etc. I believe, and this is true, that the only way believers can beat the people of the world is for us to become deeply and entirely spiritual. We cannot hope to beat the people of the world with their own strategy – you cannot be more Catholic than the Pope – we must master our own strategy. This guaranteed way of experiencing the life God purchased for us is what I’ll share with you in my book which I’m offering to give you at no cost. This truth is presented in a way that no one will fail to understand. The book should he ready by next weekend and I’m giving complimentary copies to those who read my blog. Send me a request now to receive it by email as soon as it is ready. If you have friends that might also need to know these truths tell them to send their mails. Here is my email address: abayomidiya@gmail.com

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Stay Victorious in Christ.

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